News from the 24/7 Prayer Event

We came, we prayed, He conquered.

Thank you to all of you who worked towards making a  special and powerful time of prayer.

Some comments from those who came:

'We started with an incredible time of Praise - people of all ages lost in enjoying God and praising His greatness''

Did 4-6am this morning- amazing time in His presence'

'This is a significant time'

'I sat in the quiet, private tent area. The verses inside: 'Seek My face, Your face Lord, will I seek' were so powerful. It was a Holy place.'

Such a closeness of family together'

'Loved the power and simplicity of the declaration over the Church and City'

'When we broke into groups to pray, it was so moving to hear people crying out to God for all the families and children, for marriages. For the children to flourish and loved in God's will.'

 Key Events 
RtF Seminar 2: Issue Focused...
6:00pm Thursday 11 February
The Forum
RtF Seminar 2: Issue Focused...
9:30am Friday 12 February
The Forum
RtF Seminar 2: Issue Focused...
9:30am Saturday 13 February
The Forum
Prophetic Encouragement and...
9:40am Sunday 14 February
The Forum
7:45pm Monday 15 February
The Forum