All Nations

Are you from overseas, visiting, working or studying in Bath?

We extend a warm welcome to people from every nation to our Sunday mornings, our meetings and gatherings - and to all our activities!

One of the many Communities within BCC is the All Nations Community - a place where people from every nation (including Britain!) can gather, relate, feel at home and connected - as well as a place to grow in the Christian faith.

As Hilary Law says. “You only feel that you belong when you know that you’re accepted for who you are – that’s primarily what being in a community is all about”.

 Key Events 
Light of the World
6:30pm Sunday 21 December
The Forum
Parenting Course
7:30pm Monday 19 January
The Forum, Bath
A Guided Retreat: Seasons of...
10:00am Saturday 31 January
The Forum
Hope for our Nation?
9:30am Thursday 12 February
The Forum
Understanding the Language of...
7:30pm Friday 20 March
The Forum