Bethel Sozo Resource Church 

Welcome to the Bethel Sozo Resource Church area of the Life Church Bath website! If you’re simply looking to receive a Bethel Sozo then you’ve landed on the wrong page and you need to click here! On the other hand if you’re wondering how to start a new team at your church, or have a team and would like some help, then you’re in the right place!
The Bethel Sozo team at Life Church Bath is lead by Anthea and Darrell Cocup. They’re also the people who need to speak to if you’re looking for help. You can reach them either at or
Our intention as a resource church is not only to help churches across the South West and beyond to establish Sozo teams of their own, but to act as a relational centre for as many Sozo churches in the region as want to be in relationship with us! We hold regular Bethel Sozo Regional Information Days and invite Sozo leaders and teams to join us for a day of encouragement, training, best practise, problem solving and, above all, the fun of being able to meet and share on a subject we’re all passionate about.
Darrell and Anthea are also Bethel Sozo facilitators for Northern Ireland.
If you would like a detailed guide as to the process of setting up a sozo team, click here. Remember that Bethel Sozo is a church based ministry, you can’t run a solo Sozo ministry!