New Youth Graphic 

The name FOUND centres around the stories in Luke 15. God is the Father who is searching out those that are lost, driven by love. We are the FOUND; the ones that have been discovered by God and we desire as a home of the FOUND to see those that are lost, find home.

The Vision
To see youth across our city and nation have a genuine encounter with the living God and belong in a family where they are empowered to live in the fullness of what Jesus paid for.
Our Mission
We are a gathering of young people, ‘Found’, to bring home those who are lost. We want to be a home where youth of all backgrounds can develop intimacy with God and belong in a community that empowers them to live in the fullness of what Jesus paid for.
Practical outworkings of our mission
We want to facilitate encounters with God; equip youth to grow in intimacy with people and God, and be a place where we teach and empower youth to do what Jesus commissioned. 

The week for youth 
Sundays: 11.15am - 12.15am for years 7, 8 & 9
Life Groups: 7pm - 9pm for years 10, 11, 12 & 13 (currently meeting on a Monday or Friday)
Thursdays: 7pm - 9pm for all youth
Thursday night FOUND
This is our weekly youth service in The Forum Coffee House. We will start with games and a time of connecting with the youth moving into a time of worship, teaching and prayer.
Sunday Mornings
This part of the ministry is to reflect Thursday night and where we are going as Found but it will be a place to focus on the younger youth. The morning consists of a short game and discussion based teaching for Years 7-9. The rest of the youth are encouraged to attend the normal service and integrate into wider church through serving. Sunday Mornings take place in the Attic from about 11.15am - 12.15pm

FOUND Life Groups
There is a need within the older youth for deeper and more intentional connection and this time will be a really important part of who are are. It will be for youth years 10 - 13; mixed group of boys and girls happening fortnightly. It’s a place for vulnerability, discipleship, connection, accountability and fun

Prophetic Encouragement and...
9:30am Sunday 25 August
The Forum
Navigating the Prophetic
7:00pm Saturday 7 September
St. Luke's Church Wellsway Bath
Kickstart Course
7:00pm Monday 9 September
Forum Coffee House
Encore: church - not just for...
10:00am Wednesday 18 September
The Forum
The Marriage Course
7:30pm Wednesday 18 September
More Fun Parenting
7:30pm Monday 23 September
Monkton Pre-Prep School, Combe Down, Bath,
7:00pm Tuesday 15 October
The Forum Coffee House
Our VISION is to build a radical relevant church that empowers people to express God’s heart, fulfil their dreams and change the world.

Our MISSION is to create a culture where people from every nation and generation can have a genuine encounter with the living God.
Our mandate is to see people established in the truth, equipped to fulfil their dreams and empowered to change the world around them.
We want everyone to live in the fullness of everything Jesus paid for on the cross, to express the likeness of heaven here on earth and leave a legacy for the generations to come.