Kickstart Course - Power For Living 

This is an eight week foundation course that forms a key element in the life of Life Church Bath. Its aim is to establish, equip and empower people to lead a powerful life of victory and to take an active part in the church.

The course is a must for anyone who is considering joining the Life Church Bath family but is also relevant for any believer who feels they are running on empty or who needs a refresher. The course is also suitable for anyone who is on a journey to discover God but who has not yet made a Christian commitment.

The next course will start in the autumn, 2022. Dates to follow soon. 

Schedule of subjects:

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Week 1: Establish - The Gospel of the Kingdom
Week 2: Establish - The Power of Baptism
Week 3: Establish - The Fullness of the Holy Spirit
Week 4: Equip - Sonship. Who I am in Christ    
Week 5: Equip - Adventures in Faith
Week 6: Equip - Walking in Supernatural Power
Week 7: Empower - The church. Culture, Vision, Leadership
Week 8: Empower - Stewardship. What now?

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